Trekking In Nepal – Explore Beautiful View Of Himalayan Peaks

Nepal is a famous destination for adventure activities like trekking, peak climbing, and others. You can also enjoy city sightseeing in Nepal. Nepal is a combination of wildlife, temples, monasteries, natural beauty, and others. There are huge ranges of the trekking destination in the country such as Annapurna, Everest, Manaslu, Mardi Himal, Poon Hill and much more. You can choose the best trekking tour package in Nepal to create a memorable moment. The Trekking in Nepal allows you to explore the stunning view of a snow-capped mountain peak, River, Forest, Valley, Waterfalls, Rice Field, Mountain villages and others.

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Annapurna Circuit Trek – see a close view of Annapurna

The Annapurna Circuit Trekking is famous trekking tour in Nepal that allows you to see a close-up view of Annapurna I, II and IV, Machapuchare, Dhaulagiri and others. You can learn local culture, lifestyle, and tradition of Nepalese. The trekkers pass through famous villages such as Chame, Chamje, Bulbule, and others.

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The travelers get great opportunity to explore an amazing view of the Himalayan peaks. You will traverse through the valley, dense forest, River and others. It is home to wildlife, birds, different types of rhododendrons, and mammals. You can experience the lifestyle of Himalayan people. The trekkers enjoy eating healthy and fresh food on the trekking tour.

During the trekking, you can stay in the teahouse or local lodge or camping. Annapurna Circuit treks major highlights are Thorong La high pass, multiethnic villages, mountains like Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Nilgiri, Manaslu, Tukuche, Himchuli, Machhapuchhre, and others. With the camera, you can capture every moment in a trekking tour.

Cheap Gokyo Lakes Trek

The Gokyo Lakes Trekking is the best opportunity to see amazing Gokyo valley in the region. This valley comprises of the clean lake that entices the travelers across the world. Many people prefer this trekking tour to see the beautiful lake in the Everest region. It also allows the trekkers to see the striking view of the Mt. Baruntse, Mt Lhotse, Mt Everest, Mt Pumori, and others.

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It is the best trekking route that allows you to create an unforgettable moment with your friends. You should bring essential items such as water bottle, wet clothes, jackets, gloves, socks, medicine, trek shoe and much more. In the trek route, you cannot get camera batteries. You should also carry sleep bag, extra batteries and trek equipment for the trekking tour. It offers comfortable and adventure experience to the trekkers.

Hire right trekking agents to host trekking

Nepal gives picturesque views of mountains in the world. It is a well-known destination to view the largest mountains in the globe. It gives an exotic view of Mount. Everest. Yearly, the range of tourists travels from the world to capture a view of the highest mountain peak.Trekking in Nepal allows you to see teahouses, monasteries and local people. Trekking provides a chance for tourists to visits amazing tourists places in the destination. Adventure lover sees all tourist attractions in the trekking at a low price. It really gives ideal trekking experience to tourists from another trek. It takes for different days according to the package.

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Tourists visit beautiful places in Nepal on the trekking. It is a home of a hundred ethnic groups. You can interact with village people and learn their culture and tradition. You acquire new climbing experience on the trek. Professional trekking agents offer a possible guide to participants and take care of them on entire trek. They offer instructions to trekkers to travel on the right path. Many trekking in the destination will be travel via villages. They host trek in Annapurna and Everest region. You might gain life challenging experience on the trekking. It is suitable for all adventures to get various levels of experience.

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Access best trekking agent:

Gokyo Lakes Trekking is arranged in the Himalayas. Through high pass of Cho la trekkers reach the destination. It is home for Sherpa people that offer a wonderful view of Everest peaks. You travel towards Dudh Koshi river valley that allows you to climb a mountain in the best atmosphere. You obtain inspiring mountains view in the adventure. This trekking allows you to see mountain peaks like Makalu, Everest, Cho Oyu, and ngazump glacier. Travel agents take you by flight and explore closest views of mountains peaks. You might able to choose any trekking via online at any time.

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Good accommodation:

Annapurna Circuit Trekking is famous trekking which hosted by numerous of people in the Annapurna region. It takes one week to complete the adventure. You might get basic facilities from trekking agents. With the package, you see the Mustang and manang site. You can also extend your holidays in the trekking. With proper guide tourists passes through a valley in the destination. You climb challenging peaks and visit more places. Trekking agents offer the best accommodation facilities to all trekkers.

Get Unique Experience by Trekking In Nepal

Are you looking for an ideal destination to go trekking? There are numerous places available in the world but Nepal is a best and well-known place for trekking when compared to others. Nepal is one of the popular tourist places where millions of people use to visit this place during vacation time. This destination is more famous for adventure activities such as trekking, mountaineering, and peak climbing. Trekking in Nepal will give a unique experience of a lifetime to the trekkers. Nepal has the best trekking and hiking trails in the world. Trekking in this place is one of the best ways to travel its natural and cultural treasures.

Everest View trekking in Nepal

Explore the close view of Annapurna

There are lots of trekking and hiking trails available in the Nepal region. Some of the important trails are Annapurna, Everest base camp, Langtang, Gokyo Lakes, and others. But Annapurna Circuit Trekking is one of the prominent trekking in Nepal. Trekking the Annapurna circuit is an amazing adventure, where one can explore its beauty of nature. The trail is very famous in Annapurna. Every year most of the people use to visit this place to enjoy trekking. The circuit passes via four regions which are Manang, Myagdi, Lamjung, and Mustang. This trekking offers spectacular views of beautiful villages and valleys. Best time to do Annapurna circuit trekking is in the spring season. This season run between March to May month.

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Best time to plan Gokyo Lakes Trekking

The Gokyo Lakes Trek is another popular trekking tour in Nepal. This trekking tour offers a panoramic view to the trekkers. The trekkers can enjoy the view of the Mountain, Lakes, waterfalls, Valley, Wildlife, Field, and others during the trekking. This trek offers amazing view between Cho Oyu and Gyachung which is located in the Khumbu region. If you are planning for the Gokyo Lakes Trekking trip then you must bring the necessary trekking equipment for the safe trip such as medicine, water bottle, jacket, trekking shoe, snacks, and many others. It is a moderate trekking tour. The best season to do this trekking is from March to May and October & November month.

Gokyo Lakes view from Gokyo re (5350m)

The person who planned to do trekking in Nepal must get a professional guide with them. The guide will provide some ideas on how to do trekking safely. The guide will really aid you to complete the trekking. The trekkers must be physically fit and have experience in trekking activity.

Acquire the Ultimate Guide to Trek to Great Peak

Now, most of the people need to enjoy the adventure and thrilling trip in the world. If you are looking for an adventure trip, you can go to Nepal and access the best tour experience. It is the wonderful trekking destination for the trek lovers. From this place, you can access different trekking trails. You enjoy the best Trekking in Nepal and gain an amazing trekking experience. For this concern, you can choose the right package from the local trekking guide. You can get the best deal from the package. The trekkers choose the best trekking trails in the region.

Trekking in Nepal

Each and every trek manages the challenging pass. Crossing the pass is the necessary task of the trekkers to trek to the great height. You can learn the facts of different trekking trails. You can get the proper information about the trekking trails. The skilled and experienced trekkers know the proper way to reach the summit in a simple manner. It is a great chance for the trekkers to close to the highest peak. Nepal is the wonderful option for the trekkers throughout the world. You can acquire the best help and support from trekking agent.

Gokyo lake view at Khumbu

Ensure the safety travel:

The trekking level is varied one trekking trails to another one. The trekkers choose the trails according to their needs. Gokyo Lakes Trekking is the fine destination for green and pristine water. This one comprises of the freshwater lake system. It is the suitable trekking destination for the trekkers in the Everest region. You can spend a great time in the high altitude. In this way, you can get a great view of the Everest Mountain in the lake. This is regarded as the largest glacier in the Himalayan region. It is a great option for a great view of Everest Mountain.

Annapurna Round trek group

You can take pleasure from different viewpoints in the lake. You can just climb up to the peak and hike the glacier. Annapurna Circuit Trekking allows you to embark the adventure. You can get ready to go ahead of the great peak in the world. This is the most accessed trek in the Himalayan region. You can start the Annapurna trek at the Pokhara location. It is advised for the trekkers to realize the weather condition in the place. The visitors ensure the best trek experience in the region. You can carry the protective things at the time of trekking to the peak.

Choose Best Gokyo Lakes Trekking Tour Package

Are you planning trekking tour with your friends? Do you need to enjoy the vacation with your family? Do you want to get the adventure experience? Well, Nepal is one of the best places for trekking. Most of the people prefer Nepal for trekking. In Nepal, there is the huge range of the trekking available such as Mt. Everest trekking, Annapurna trek, Upper Mustang trek, Everest Panorama trek and much more. You can choose the best trekking tour which suits your needs and budget. The Trekking in Nepal provides the great opportunity to create the memorable moment with your loved one.

Best trekking in Nepal

Choose affordable Annapurna trekking package

The Annapurna Circuit Trekking is one of the most popular trekking tours in Nepal. In this tour, you can explore the beauty of the snow-covered mountain peak, wildlife, villages, culture, and lifestyle of Nepal people. The Annapurna trekking tour is the best choice for the adventure lover. The Annapurna 1 is the 10th highest mountain in the world. You can visit the various places in the Annapurna trek tour such as Bhubhule, Kathmandu, Pokhara, Dumre, Ghasa, Tatopani and much more.

Annapurna Round trek group

Guide for Gokyo Lakes trek tour

The Gokyo Lakes trek is famous trekking tour in Nepal that provides the best opportunity to experience the beauty of mountain peak, highest lake, and others. If you are planning for the Gokyo Lakes trek tour then you should choose the best the travel agency. The travel agency provides the different types of the Gokyo Lakes trek tour package so you can select the best one which suits your budget. Here you can get the simple guide for Gokyo Lakes trek.

Everest view from Gokyo -ri

• When you are planning for the Gokyo Lakes Trekking you should place the wet clothes such as shots, t-shirts, and others.

• You should take the first-aid kit for the trekking tour. You should bring water for trekking. it is difficult to purchase water in the mountain peak.

• The spring and autumn is the best season for planning the Gokyo Lakes trek. You should avoid the spring season for trekking tour.

• You should pack the huge range of the trekking equipment such as wet clothes, sunglass, underwear, t-shirt, two-glove pairs and others.

These tips help you to plan the best trekking trip in Nepal. You can hire the experienced guide for your trekking trip. The experienced expert provides more detials about the trip that help you to complete the trekking successfully and safely. You can also select the right tour package for your trekking tour.

Beautiful And Dazzling Views Of Trekking In Nepal

Those who planned to trek in the vacation majorly choose Nepal region while compared to other popular destinations in the world. The main aim and reason for the people who choose Nepal for trekking obtained new environment, diverse beautiful views and various hidden interesting things. The Trekking in Nepal gives the grander views and everywhere lofty and white mountains with refresh of cool environment. The colorful culture of Nepalese tradition beckon the visitors quickly engage in the trip and trekking without hesitation. The Nepal trekking is almost safe considered by all the trekkers, but it’s almost dangerous from the beginning flight trip from Lukla. In addition to, each trekker like to experience with the challenge and whatever difficulties engage in the trekking location. Do you know about Nepal trekking experience? The camping, homestay, trekking experience and beautiful mountain views looks easier to spend the vacation, but it extremely hard as well once you complete get confident to easily do anything in the life.

Beauty of Gokyo Lakes trekking:-

If you engage in the Gokyo Lakes Trekking first reach Kathmandu Nepal capital and tourist hub along with gateway to Himalayas 4, 600ft elevation fascinating place. The Lukla flight trip shows the adventure and thrill take over closer to the deep valley. Weather plays vital role in the trek so the trek surely not only difficult gives enormous adventure chances. Those trekker who always focus on the adventure like more and more Nepal trekking region because of Gokyo lakes. You can begin the trekking from Lukla flight to Phakding 9, 300ft altitude to 8, 600ft approximately 9km duration and easy to trek throughout gradual descent. After that, you can do the shopping in the Namche Bazaar to keep the memorable explore best photographs. You can get the great Himalayas views and continue the trek with deep rest in the affordable hotels.

Best option of Annapurna circuit trekking:-

The Annapurna Circuit Trekking majorly attracts many trekkers who pick Nepal region and get huge change with the new trekking experience. The popular Annapurna trekking successfully starts and ends with lot of remarkable memories collection in the mind as well as photographs. The stunning views of high-altitude Mountains and deep valleys increase the risk level before you begin the trekking. The local Nepalese residents welcome with great pleasure and beautiful biodiversity of rhododendron forests and snow suitable to the trekkers. The convenient trekking path give stress-free option and lowlands get the each trekker views completely different.

Benefits of Gaining the Better Trekking Experience in Nepal

Trekking is the outdoor activity that people make it as a simple process during the holiday season. In Nepal, there is a different range of people can take trekking activity. This is preferred by the climbers among the thousand meter peaks. Every year, lots of people make trekking activity in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal is giving the unique experience to the trekkers. The trekkers must choose the right destination for the purpose of the trekking in Nepal. It is difficult to find the right place for your activity. You can put effort to find the right place for the trekking purpose.

There are various benefits associated with the trekking activity. With the advent of the technology, you can surf the internet to find the right trekking agency for you. This one gives the different information about the trekking agency and learns how it is useful for you. They arrange everything you need for the trekking activity in Nepal. They also some tips and tricks for your outdoor activity. So the trekkers can keep up the important tips provided by the trekking agent. You can discover many things at the time of trekking.

Improve the fitness:

It improves the overall performance of the health and trekkers learn more about the nature and wonder of the world in a simple way. It also brings many benefits to the trekkers at that time. You can gain the positive results of your health. Gokyo Lakes Trekking is something different for the trekkers to see the enticing nature of the lake. It is the beautiful experience of the trekkers to view the amazing view point in the lake. It is the most famous activity of the people and doesn’t miss a chance to see the gokya lake. Nepal is the best place for gaining the better trekking experience. It is a chance for the trekkers to see the Himalayan mountain range with the beautiful lakes.

Good for health concern:

The people make the trekking activity to reduce the stress and others in mind. It is the wonderful chance and never misses to see a various landscape and high mountain peak. Annapurna Circuit Trekking is the most visited trekking destination with the beautiful landscape around the Annapurna circuit. You can carefully to trekking in this circuit because of dangerous things associated with it. It is an adventurous activity for the trekkers that praised with the best trekking route. You can follow the guidelines of the circuit length, elevations, and others while making trekking in this place.

Begin Memorable And Hilarious Trekking In Nepal

Nepal is one of the world’s famous trekking destinations majorly many trekkers experienced one on diverse spectacular mountain range views and others. The trekking is the right option for many visitors to spend their time most valuable and unforgettable. The Trekking in Nepal attracts many trekkers to enjoy once in their life as well thousands and thousands of trekkers experienced a lot. If you are the newbie trekker don’t bother about trekking hard to continue for longer make easier and comfort with the professional support and experienced guide. The only thing, you should focus on physical fitness and enjoy the Nepal region trekking on highest Mountain. You are really lucky to spend the vacation in the adventurous trekking in an effective and safe way.

Gokyo lake trek

The Gokyo Lakes Trekking is the memorable trip to the alluring Gokyo lakes and Gokyo Ri with beautiful viewpoints of Everest and other Mountains. The trekking journey starts from Kathmandu as well many heritage sites and alternative option for classical trekking in the Everest region. The lake trekking delivers unparalleled Everest views along with Himalayas. Now, you can easily reach the destination without hassle and fear anymore with new experience. The trekkers who need to reach Everest Base camp should cross rivers, lakes and various mesmerizing trekking views. The Gokyo valley delivers breath-taking unbelievable and beautiful creature of 8, 000m four peaks views, the Ngozumpa glacier, Cho Oyu, Makalu and Everest. The Dudh Koshi River gets you towards bustling Namche Bazaar market town in the great atmosphere ideal for soaking up and splendid view of mountain scenery. The Gokyo trekking follows tough route via Everest base camp rise of Kalar Pattar nearby Everest views, slop down to the Tengboche Monastery, Namche Bazaar, Khumjung villages and last Lukla. Kathmandu is aboud 1400m altitude and flight to Lukla fetch at the height of 2866m. The standing Gokyo Ri 5483m, Kala Patthar 5545m, Mt. Everest Base camp 5360m, Lukla 4145 and Gokyo Lakes trip total height of 2679m.

Annapurna Circuit range picture

The Annapurna Circuit Trekking crosses about 5414 Throng pass from the dry valley of the Manang, Tibet-Buddhists home, get down to the Muktinath Hindu pilgrimage and beautiful valley of Kali Gandaki. In addition to, the mountain range views meet the trekker’s expectations of mountain communities of Thakali people and Gurung Manangi. The Annapurna region is the superb place to achieve trekking experience in the Nepal. The Annapurna circuit proven the spectacular trekking way in the Annapurna region begins from Besishahar and gets Marshyangdi River with Manashlu beautiful view and Himal Chuli. The beautiful trek keeps you move towards to the wide range people from diverse ethnic groups deliver majestic and spectacular Himalayas mountain region views. It also continues to top and dry Tibetan Plateau equally breathtaking scenery.

Top 5 Peaks In Nepal For A Climbing Expedition

So you finally made a decision to put your busy life on hold for a few days to go peak climbing in Nepal. However, with a massive number of peaks out there, you may be spoilt for choice on which peak to choose. Here is a brief guide regarding a peak climbing expedition in Nepal:

Island Peak:

If you’re looking to enjoy a close view of Mount Lhotse, you’ll be hard pressed to discover a superior vantage point than the summit of Island Peak. A little technical yet demanding trek, this very renowned hiking peak boasts a trip to the Solu Khumbu & Everest region. A trek through the Everest Base Camp prior to the real climb is a great route, as it permits for appropriate acclimatization. Nevertheless, Island peak climbing is well-suited for the first time hikers.

Mera Peak:

Renowned as Nepal’s tallest hiking peaks (6,476 m), Mera Peak is in fact a collection of 3 individual summits in the Solu Khumbu region. The voyage to the peak, going through lush-green rhododendron jungles & mysterious Himalayan villages, is as superb as the ascent itself. With 3 of the tallest mountains on the planet — Cho Oyu (8,201m), Lhotse (8,516m), and Everest (8,848m) nothing beats the panorama from the summit. The trek is less technical compared to Island Peak, but ropes, ice axes etc will still be employed.

Lobuche East Peak:

Yet another fascinating peak in the Solu Khumbu & Everest province, Lobuche East Peak boasts incredibly close-up views of the enclosing Everest, Ama Dablam, Pumori, Lhotse, etc. ON the way to Lobuche base camp, you’ll possibly pass via the ill-famed view point Kala Patthar & Everest base camp. The trek is reasonably demanding, but doesn’t need any specialized training.

Yala Peak:

A stunning peak in the Langtang province of Nepal, Yala peak is a non technical peak giving great views of Shishapangma – the tallest mountain located in Tibet. Other noticeable peaks are Gangchepo, Langtang Lirung, and Dorche Pakpa.

Chulu West Peak:

Located in the Annapurna province of Nepal, Chulu West boasts mesmerizing panoramas of the close by Dhaulagiri & Annapurna I. Though Chulu West peak needs some fundamental skills with crampons and ice axes, the experience of triumphing a difficult peak & the sights from the summit are certainly worth the attempt. It is certainly a superb addition to the Annapurna Circuit trek, if you’re in search of great adventure.

So, now it is upon you which peak climbing option you choose in Nepal. Best of luck!

The Best Season to Go For Annapurna Trekking

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek (ABC) is the most renowned short-medium length trek in Nepal. Height is hardly an issue on this trek though there’re abundant close mountain sights. The hike itself isn’t much strenuous. Nonetheless, physical fitness will obviously help a lot. The 1st few days of the hike engage uphill hiking which could be the toughest part. Nevertheless, the Annapurna Base Camp Trek provides a magnificent mixture of landscape over a considerably easy route guiding to mesmerizing scenery.

Climate along the Annapurna trail is volatile and subject to change. However, there’re peak seasons and the below mentioned months have typically been employed as a guide for favored times of the year to go for Annapurna Base Camp trekking.

Mid September to October – November/ (early) December – This is the best time to go for not just Annapurna trekking but also any kind of trekking in Nepal.

Feb-Mar-Apr – This is the conclusion of the dry season and the 2nd most favorable time of the year to go hiking in Nepal.

Nov/Dec to Jan/Feb – During these periods the skies remain clear but it may get very chilled out there and there’s also jeopardy of passes being shut down because of heavy snow fall.

May-June – This’s Nepal’s pre-monsoon season and it may get pretty warm actually. The valleys nonetheless will start to bloom for a picturesque visit.

June – Mid September – This’s Monsoon period in Nepal and the least renowned time to Annapurna circuit trekking in Nepal.

What to bring for a successful Annapurna base camp trekking?

If you’re traveling on a package tour, then chances are your trekking company will provide you with some basic equipment; otherwise you need to bring it on your own. However, the following are necessity:

• A pair of hiking boot with excellent grip

• A wind cheater style of jacket

• Long-sleeve shirts

• Trekking pants or shorts

• Water bottles

• Map

• Sunglasses

• Trekking poles (because of the amount of steps during this trek).

Well, the list mentioned above is not the comprehensive one, rather a basic. You must consult with your trekking agency on what to bring or what not to. Since they are the professional they can recommend you the best thing to bring and things to avoid as well. Heavy baggage is a strict “NO” since once you trek a few kilometers your energy level starts to drop and you can’t afford such load on your back, even though the porters will be there to help you. No matter whether you are looking to Annapurna trek or Everest Base Camp trek, the basic must be followed. Happy trekking!