A Quick Guide for Trekking Lovers to Explore Various Trek Places

Are you a lover of mountain trek? Well, this guide is completely for you. Here, you can get to know three popular trek destinations to explore a lot.

Everest base camp trek:

Everest is the beast of the mountain, which has defeated many greatest mountaineers. Mountain climbers from worldwide have been attracting because of its challenging and rugged rails. Having an Everest Base Camp Trek at 17600 feet is still an adventure for all trekkers want to experience. While trekking in the Everest, every experience in the mountains of Nepal will turn you into a storyteller.

Facts need to know about Everest base camp trek:

In this extraordinary trek, you can completely immerse yourself in the Sherpa culture. Sherpa is the ancient Tibetans who are living in the remote regions of Nepal. Their special cuisine and unique culture will make you experience a different type of life in the Himalayas. The Everest trek starts from Lukla and ends at Lukla.

You can have teahouse grade trek there and the difficulty level of the trek is moderate to hard. You can sightsee places such as Everest, Lhotse, Amabadlam and so on. A 14 day Everest trek can cost anywhere between Rs. 65000 to 80000 including food, accommodation, and permits.

You can trek Everest throughout the year but trekking is slightly cheaper when you go there during offseason. For Everest trek, you have to train yourself so that you can experience the complete fun of the rugged trails. Apart from this, you can also go trek such as Annapurna Base camp trek.

Why Annapurna Base camp trek is popular trek globally:

The Annapurna trek is the most popular treks in the world because it brings you face to face with the eight-thousander for a moderate to hard trek. The Annapurna includes the world’s 10th highest peak of height 8091meter. Thus, it attracts the attention of mountaineers and it holds many treasures for the mountain lovers. The mountain view of Annapurna makes you spellbound and you can trek inside the conservation area of forest.

Have trek to Upper Mustang Trek:

Do you want to experience the real life of mountain people? You can go for Upper Mustang Trek. Those people were not much in touch with the people in Nepal over hundred years. In most ways, a trek into Upper Mustang is much similar to trekking in Tibet because geographically it is a part of the Tibetan Plateau.

Benefits of Gaining the Better Trekking Experience in Nepal

Trekking is the outdoor activity that people make it as a simple process during the holiday season. In Nepal, there is a different range of people can take trekking activity. This is preferred by the climbers among the thousand meter peaks. Every year, lots of people make trekking activity in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal is giving the unique experience to the trekkers. The trekkers must choose the right destination for the purpose of the trekking in Nepal. It is difficult to find the right place for your activity. You can put effort to find the right place for the trekking purpose.

There are various benefits associated with the trekking activity. With the advent of the technology, you can surf the internet to find the right trekking agency for you. This one gives the different information about the trekking agency and learns how it is useful for you. They arrange everything you need for the trekking activity in Nepal. They also some tips and tricks for your outdoor activity. So the trekkers can keep up the important tips provided by the trekking agent. You can discover many things at the time of trekking.

Improve the fitness:

It improves the overall performance of the health and trekkers learn more about the nature and wonder of the world in a simple way. It also brings many benefits to the trekkers at that time. You can gain the positive results of your health. Gokyo Lakes Trekking is something different for the trekkers to see the enticing nature of the lake. It is the beautiful experience of the trekkers to view the amazing view point in the lake. It is the most famous activity of the people and doesn’t miss a chance to see the gokya lake. Nepal is the best place for gaining the better trekking experience. It is a chance for the trekkers to see the Himalayan mountain range with the beautiful lakes.

Good for health concern:

The people make the trekking activity to reduce the stress and others in mind. It is the wonderful chance and never misses to see a various landscape and high mountain peak. Annapurna Circuit Trekking is the most visited trekking destination with the beautiful landscape around the Annapurna circuit. You can carefully to trekking in this circuit because of dangerous things associated with it. It is an adventurous activity for the trekkers that praised with the best trekking route. You can follow the guidelines of the circuit length, elevations, and others while making trekking in this place.