Trekking in Nepal – A Genuine Chance To Explore Nepal’s Unique People & Culture

‘Trekking in Nepal is not wilderness walking. You’ll share the trail with Sherpa, Gurung, Rai and Thakali and pass by monasteries, temples and sacred sites, all the time experiencing the friendliness, outgoing nature and good humor that characterizes almost all Nepalese”, says Lonely Planet (Trekking in Nepal Himalaya). However, not only during the trek, but you will meet friendly people right from the time you land at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Nepal. Each Nepalese you meet (especially the service providers), during your stay in Nepal will greet you with a smile on their face. Be ready to experience homely environment, while you are on a lifetime expedition in Nepal.

The climate in Nepal varies with its topography and altitude ranging from tropical to arctic. The southern part of the country, the Terai belt has hot and humid climate that can rise to above 450 C during summer. The climate in the mid-land regions are cool and pleasant (nights are cooler than days). However, the northern mountain region, especially above 3000m, the temperature one can experience alpine climate and a very low temperature. The best way to experience all of these climates in Nepal is to plan any trekking package with Chitwan Jungle Safari.

Can you imagine a country, where 125 ethnic groups are living in complete harmony? Visiting Nepal allow you to experience this diversity and harmony. Nepal provides home to about 125 ethnic groups living in the different parts of the country. Chhetri, Khas, Bahun, Magar, Tharu, Tamang, Newar, Khas-Kami, Muslim are some of the major ethnic groups in Nepal. These ethnic groups have their own unique lifestyle, culture, tradition, housing style, food and language, which distinguish them from any other ethnic groups in Nepal. All of these ethnic groups in Nepal live in complete harmony and peace. This diversity allows visitors to enjoy a variety in lifestyle, culture, tradition, food and hospitality.

Whether it is Gokyo Lakes Trekking or the Upper Dolpo trekking – Peak climbing in Nepal is always fun. There are also so many other adventurous peak trekking areas in Nepal including Everest base camp, Annapurna base camp, Mera peak climbing, Island peak climbing, Annapurna circuit trekking Upper Mustang trek and Ghotpani Poon Hill trek among others.

Starting as low as 59 meters, the altitude rises as high as 8,848m (Mt. Everest). Mountains, hills, flat lands, forest, lakes, rivers, waterfalls everything can be found perfectly arranged within the territory of Nepal.

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