Enjoy the trekking in Nepal and explore its beauty

Nepal isone of the smaller countries in the world. The country that lies on the West South and East is India and on the North is China. It is full of natural beauty having unique characteristics and cultural diversity. You can enjoy the best Expedition in Nepal to view the nature’s beauty.

Trekking is the dream of many of the youngsters. To experience the best trekking to enjoy would be Nepal. Those wishing to enjoy the holidays can try going to Nepal and experience the trekking under the guidance of the experienced and knowledgeable team there.

Nepal is the right place and the home for wonderful trekking across the world. Many tourists also prefer reaching this place for enjoying the adventurous trekking. Because of this the place has now become a crowded place for all those hikers to get the experience of trekking. Trekking is nothing but hiking, it is the sport of walking while you enjoy the surrounding. Nepal is a beautiful place to go for trekking.

The trekking in Nepal will offer spectacular views and can be completed within 2 to 3 weeks. Nepal is a beautiful place to go and find the beauties of the nature. You can see the beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes and country side views. One of the best places to go for the top most trekking could be Mt Everest.

Gokyo Lakes Trekking is one of the best treks, which will make you to travel at a higher altitude for a longer time to see the beautiful and dramatic Gokyo Lakes areas. Being at a very high altitude it is very risky for those who are weak at heart.

One of the most important adventurous travelling is Peak Climbing in Nepal. It can only be done in the Himalayas. For peak climbing you will be provided with an expert supervisor with full knowledge of mountaineering.

You should be physically fit and also have the knowledge of some basic qualities of adventure too. You should also know whether the condition will suit you.

Nepalin independent country in the world and thus it does not come under the rule of India but the sharing border involves with the adventure that you can look for the rivers, land and valleys. There are several peak climbing in Nepal, such as Mera, Island, Lobuche, Chhulus, Pisang, Naya Khanga, Yala Peak etc. and several high passes around Everest, Manaslu, Annapurna, Makalu and Kanchenjunga mountain regions. The peaks here in Nepal are covered with snow throughout the year.

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