Trekking in Nepal Gives Pleasant and Unique Experience to Travelers

With eight among the top ten summits worldwide and few of the amazing landscapes reachable by feet, trekking over mountains in Nepal give unique experience to travelers. Trekking in Nepal is one among the popular activities performed in Nepal, while travelers usually bombard over streets of the Kathmandu region in Nepal and the nearby trekking hub of Pokhara with experienced guides, well-organized tours and touring gears available for rent or sale.

Even varieties of available options help people belonging to different age groups and with different abilities to attempt for trek in Nepal. While few individuals may choose to spend about one year for planning expeditions to various lofty and wild places, few of them opt to come in Kathmandu without any plan and go for trail only within few days.

What to Expect During the Mountain Trek

During their trekking and Peak Climbing in Nepal, individuals would not only wander across uncharted wilderness, but they could also have a walk across various properly marked trekking paths. In addition, the travelers will often come across hundreds and thousands of local area people daily while they go for hauling of water, food and other necessities back towards their small villages and most of the fellow trekkers.

Teahouses and villages spaced at a certain distance during their complete expedition in Nepal allow trekkers to grab good opportunities to get rest for few hours and recover the energy levels either during nighttime or for a period of about few minutes. Moreover, you will be able to witness unreserved friendliness and strong culture of Nepal people while traversing across various hill tracks.

Specialties of Treks near Gokyo Lakes

Sparkling, green and pristine blue colored waters of the famous Gokyo Lakes in Nepal is obviously a memorable sight to visit by trekkers and tourists across the world. Gokyo Lakes trekking comprises of highest possible freshwater lake system found in the world at the height of about 5,000 meters. Trek across these lakes serves as an ideal option for all willing to experience trek nearby the Everest region and at the same time, want to enjoy plenty of views and spend relatively fewer nights at such a high altitude. Other than trekking across six different glacier-covered Gokyo Lakes, individual trekkers may also go for climbing to the top portion of Gokyo Ri, which is at almost same height as that of the base camp of Mount Everest. From this point, you will get the opportunity of enjoying spectacular views of Everest and various other glaciers as well as high mountains.

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